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What Is the Automatic Import License?

Definition of the automatic import license

An Automatic import license refers to the permit issued by the competent authority authorized by the Ministry of Commerce to allow the import of goods subject to the Automatic Import License Management system in accordance with the law.

The supervisory certificate codes for automatic import licenses are "7" for non-machinery and electrical products, "O" for machinery and electrical products, "V" for processing trade, and "management goods" including crude oil and petroleum products.

Application scope of the automatic import license

The catalog of goods subject to the Automatic Import License Management system should be published at least 21 days before its implementation. All goods subject to automatic import license management should be granted a permit. The goods subject to the automatic import license management currently include:

  • Vegetable oils, tobacco, coal, etc.

  • Automobiles, aircraft, mobile communication products, etc.

  • Crude oil, petroleum products, fertilizers, steel, etc.

Key points of management for the automatic import export license

Exemptions from applying for the automatic import license

  • Materials imported and re-exported under processing trade (excluding crude oil and petroleum products).

  • Foreign-invested enterprises importing for investment or for self-use within the amount of investment.

  • Imported samples for advertising and experiment with a value of no more than RMB 5,000 per batch.

  • Temporarily imported goods under customs supervision.

  • Goods within 5% of the total quantity for bulk, bulk overflow, etc., among which refined oil, crude oil, fertilizers, and steel are within 3%.

  • Goods subject to automatic import licenses imported from overseas to customs special supervision areas such as bonded areas, bonded warehouses, and bonded supervision sites are exempted from applying for Automatic Import Licenses.

Validity period

The validity period for automatic import licenses is 6 months.

Usage: divided into "one batch, one license" and non-"one batch, one license" systems

  • "One batch, one license" refers to the same automatic import export license cannot be split for customs declaration.

  • For non-"one batch, one license," it can be used cumulatively in batches within the validity period, but not more than 6 times.

  • For non-"one batch, one license," the actual imported quantity should be deducted for each batch, and for the last batch, the overflow quantity should be calculated based on the actual remaining quantity of the permit within the limit of overflow.

  • Filling: The Automatic Import License should be filled in the "Supervision Certificate Code" column of the declaration form, and the license number should be filled in the number column.

  • State management of automatic import of goods to take temporary prohibitions and quantitative restrictions, since the effective date of the temporary measures to stop issuing automatic import and export licenses.