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VIETNAM Company Registration
VIETNAM Company Registration

Introduction to Vietnam

The Socialist Republic of Vietnam, shorted in ’Vietnam’, is a socialist country in Asia. It is located in the east of the Indochina Peninsula in Southeast Asia, bordering Guangxi and Yunnan of China in the north, and Laos and Cambodia in the west. It has a long and narrow land area of about 330,000 square kilometers, close to the South China Sea, and a coastline of more than 3,260 kilometers. It is a multi-ethnic country dominated by the Jing nationality.

Requirements of Vietnam Company Incorporation

Requirements of Vietnam Company Incorporation

  • ≥1
  • ≥1
  • No nationality restrictions
    Local Shareholder(s)/Director(s)
  • $100,000
    Minimum Registered Capital
  • Paid-in
  • Actual place of registration
    Registered Address
  • ≈2 months
    Registration Completion Time

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Trademark Registration

VIETNAM Trademark Registration
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