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Summary of Basic Knowledge and Frequently Asked Questions about International Trademark Registration

In recent years, international trademark registration has been favored by more and more applicants for its convenience, quickness and cost saving. However, due to the particularity of the procedure and the different examination departments, applicants often encounter various problems. Jilian will give you a detailed introduction about the trademark, if you want to know about other information like overseas company reorganization and global negotiation in mergers and acquisitions, you can also contact us

Ⅰ. The basic knowledge in the process of international trademark registration:

1. Trademark registration process

Trademark design-trademark inquiry-submission of application-acceptance notice-trademark examination-constitutional announcement-completion of registration.

2. Trademark inquiry

Before trademark application, trademark inquiry is a necessary process. During the review process, the official will make inquiries and review.

3. Information to be Submitted for Trademarks

(1) A scanned copy of the company's business license (in the name of the company) or a scanned copy of the front and back of the personal ID card (personal application);

(2) trademark pattern;

(3) Pictures of goods with trademarks * 1.

4. Trademark Review Time

(1) U.S. trademark: you can get the acceptance receipt within 3 working days, and after you get the acceptance receipt notice, you can use the trademark and mark TM; 8 months of certificate, after obtaining the certificate of international trademark registration, you can mark R; The use period of the trademark is 10 years, after which it can be renewed.

(2) EU trademark: you can get the receipt of acceptance within 5 working days and issue the certificate within 5-6 months. The use period of the trademark is 10 years, after which it can be renewed.

Ⅱ. Questions on the basis of international trademark registration

1. Can international trademarks apply for subsidies?

A: At present, there are subsidy policies in Guangdong, Shenzhen and Foshan Nanhai. The maximum subsidy for US trademarks is 5000 yuan and the maximum subsidy for EU trademarks is 10000 yuan. Some other areas also have subsidies, which need to be combined with whether the local government has this policy. When the price is lower than 5000/10000 yuan, subsidies are applied according to the registered invoice amount.

2. What is the cost of failing to apply for a successful trademark?

A: After submitting the application for a trademark, you need to pay a fee to the Trademark Office. Even if the trademark application is unsuccessful, the fee cannot be refunded.

3. What are the reasons for the unsuccessful trademark registration?

A: There are three main points: the blind spot of the trademark inquiry period, the part just submitted recently cannot be found; The judgment of trademark approximation, because everyone's evaluation criteria are different, there will be different results; Trademark publicity and objection.

4. Trademark registration, products are sold, how to protect rights?

A: After registering a trademark, you must first go to Amazon platform for filing. If someone sells it, you can complain to Amazon customer service.

5. What is the difference between TM and R on the trademark?

A: TM is commonly used in foreign trademarks. It is the abbreviation of "trade mark" in English and is a trademark mark. "R" is the abbreviation of "register" in English, and "register" means "registration" in Chinese. This mark on goods or services tells people that the graphics or words it marks are not only trademarks, but also international trademark registration, protected by national laws, no other individual or organization can use it without authorization.

6. Is it better to register a Chinese trademark or an international trademark to be Amazon/AliExpress?

A: If you want full protection, it is best to register all of them, but you can operate in stages. For Amazon, it is recommended to register an international trademark first. Since trademark protection is regional, it is better to be a trademark of the country where Amazon site is located. After filing, you can get the protection of the platform. However, AliExpress suggest to register Chinese trademarks first. The AliExpress idea is to buy Chinese brands from the world. From this perspective, the platform side should want to promote Chinese products. Therefore, it is better to combine the rules of the platform for relevant brand registration.

Of course, when the brand operates to a certain extent, in order to prevent it from being registered by others, it is best to take precautions, which is what we call "the market is not moving, the brand comes first".