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RUSSIA Company Registration
RUSSIA Company Registration

Introduction to Russia

It is located in the northern part of the Eurasian continent, straddling the two continents of the Eurasian continent, with a land area of 17.0982 million square kilometers. It is the largest country in the world and a unified multi-ethnic country composed of 194 ethnic groups. The main ethnic group is Russians, accounting for 77.7% of the country’s total population. In the international system of "one super, many powers", Russia is a powerful country with greater influence, and its military industry is strong, especially in higher education and aerospace technology, which ranks among the top in the world. In addition to RUSSIA, Jilianconsultants can provide professional company registration services in other European countries, like SPAIN company registration.

Requirements Of Russia Company Registration

Requirements Of Russia Company Registration

  • ≥1(Natural person or corporation)
  • ≥1
  • No nationality restriction
    Local shareholder/director
  • 10,000 Ruble
    Minimum Registry Capital
  • 1000
    Chinese Yuan
  • Paid-in
  • Actual place of registration
    Registered address
  • ≈3 months
    Registration Completion Time
  • Need to complete the injection within 4 months after the company registration is completed

HR Services

RUSSIA Domestic Human Resource Management Service

Trademark Registration

RUSSIA Trademark Registration
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