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Types of Overseas Financial Licenses

A overseas financial license is an official document legalizing a financial institution to conduct its business. Finance is widely regarded as a critical sector in market economies and is subject to government supervision. Therefore obtaining a financial license is mandatory in most countries and regions to legally start finance-related businesses such as banking, securities, personal lending, business loans, etc.. Jilian Consultants offers expertised services to apply for all types of financial licenses and helps with future management. Some of the common licenses are:

  • Insurance Licensing  

  • Insurance Broker License

  • Microfinance License

  • Investment Advisor License

Overseas Financial License For Sale

If the client company's activities are related to financial services, the availability of a professional license can convince potential partners and customers of the company's stability and reliability. Conditions depend on the type of customer, the country chosen by the customer and the type of overseas financial license required. Customers can clarify specific terms and requirements in communication. Customers do not need to travel to other countries to submit documents for new company registration, collect documents, prepare certified translations and photocopies of passports. And customers do not need to queue at tax services and authorities to receive statements and certificates. The above-mentioned professional services will be provided by Jilian professionals like overseas licenced financial advisors and overseas financial advisor required licenses. Jilian financial licensing experts help our clients with the overseas investment consultant license in every country on the planet. Jilian can assist international clients in applying for and getting existing overseas financial service license, which supports clients in expanding their international business. Jilian can offer our clients overseas financial license and businesses fully tailored to their needs through our overseas notwork.

Financial License Application FAQS

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    What is a financial license?

    A securities license allows you to market and sell investments. Depending on the license held, you might have a job as a registered representative or an investment advisor.

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    Why is a financial license necessary?

    If the company's activities are related to financial services, the availability of a specialized license allows to convince potential partners and clients of the stability of the company and its reliability.

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    Why choosing Jilian Consultants?

    Jilian gives you a map and ongoing support to help you take control of your future. Good financial advice defines your goals and the path to getting there. Our team members are highly trained and equipped with practical experiences. Contact us and get your exclusive solution. 

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