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Overseas Factory Establishment
Overseas Factory Establishment
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Steps of Factory Construction

  • Obtaining Government Approval   

  • Factory Location

  • Factory Design

  • Factory Construction

  • Equipment Installation and Testing

  • Employee recruitment and training

Overseas Factory Establishment FAQS

  • Q

    What are the advantages of manufacturing overseas?

    Lower costs, specifically in emerging market countries with lower costs in labor, utilities, and in the setting up of manufacturing facilities.

    Attain flexibility and business expansion. Companies can cover time zones. Time zone differentials make way for greater flexibility, thanks to offshoring.

    Lower risks. Your teams across multiple locations not only provide your company specialized services, but also enable you to reduce the risks of work lags, insufficient customer engagement and communication, and similar challenges.

    Exercise more control. It also strengthens and expands your control on operations and production by allowing you to form a dedicated core group of staff to work and focus on your company only.

  • Q

    What are the steps of overseas factory establishment?

    Factory License Application, Land Due Diligence, Overseas Business Travel, Factory Land Price and Purchase, Overseas Factory Location, Warehouse Leasing, Factory Project Report, Factory Certificate Application.

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