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Purpose of Compliance Management

The purpose of compliance management is maintaining an enterprise’s legal status and full functionality. It involves development of compliance management systems, compliance review, risk elaluation etc. Jilian Consultants is highly trained to offer professional help to build an efficient compliance management system based on the company’s business and local law requirements. 

Jilian Compliance Service

It is essential to strengthen the current compliance procedures and internalize the regulatory requirements into the business's daily work. Jilian offers comprehensive compliance services covering all aspects of your business including tax return, annual report, audit service, register of transfers and changes. 

Corporate Compliance FAQS

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    What is corporate compliance?

    Compliance in business refers to following the relevant laws and regulations for your industry. That means more than just the basic rules about taxes and accounting. Depending on what industry you work in, you might have to comply with large, complex sets of laws that have a significant impact on your operations. Corporate compliance covers both internal policies and procedures.

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    Why is corporate compliance important?

    Meeting legal obligations to protect the safety, welfare, and health of organizational members is crucial for businesses. Failing to maintain the standards set by the law and the rules governing the business will lead to legal liability. It may also damage business reputation and negatively impact productivity.

What Clients Are Saying
  • Jilian Consultant Client Ms.Law

    Thank you for your excellent work with us during the past year. We are all very impressed with your calm and thoughtful manner, and your professionalism. They are very high-effective and skillful. Jilian Consultants is awesome!

  • Jilian Consultant Client Ken Cheng
    Ken Cheng

    Jilian Consultants are professionals to a high degree. Their good social connections and proactive spirit helped us achieve our goals.

    If you want the best consulting agency for cross-border corporates to handle your case, including company registration, tax planning, Jilian will be your choice. I would recommend it without hesitation.

  • Jilian Consultant Client Zhongzhi

    Thank you for your hard work in developing our global market. We appreciate the time and effort you spent achieving our goals and recommending strategies for achieving them. The work Jilian performed during our cooperation shows efficiency, professionalism, and devotion.

  • Jilian Consultant Client JT Automation Equipment
    JT Automation Equipment

    Please accept our sincere thanks and gratitude for your services. Your knowledge, advice and expertise have been most helpful and assisted us in company compliance. Your professionalism, efficiency and dedication really impressed us.

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    Romeo Lee

    Jilian Consultants has impressive strategies, creativity, workability, and a global service network. They help us exert our influence and perform very well at maximum.