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JAPAN Company Registration
JAPAN Company Registration

Introduction to Japan

Japan is an island country on the west coast of the Pacific Ocean. It faces China, North Korea, South Korea, and other countries across the East China Sea, the Yellow Sea, the Korean Strait, and the Sea of Japan.

Japan is a highly developed capitalist country, the world's third-largest economy, and member of G7 and G20. Its natural resources are scarce and extremely dependent on imports, and its developed manufacturing industry is the backbone of the national economy. The level of scientific research, aerospace, manufacturing, and education ranks among the top in the world. In addition, the cultural industry, led by the animation and game industries, and the developed tourism industry are also important symbols. Japanese traditional culture such as tea ceremony, flower ceremony, calligraphy, etc. has been preserved to this day.

Requirements of Japanese Company Registration

Requirements of Japanese Company Registration

  • 1
  • ≥2
  • ≥1 Japanese director
    Local Shareholder/Director
  • Paid-in, can advance funds
  • Recommend 3 million Yen
    Minimum Registered Capital
  • Affiliated address
    Registered Address
  • 20-30 working days
    Registration Completion Time

HR Services

Jilian Consultants provides domestic Human Resource (HR) planning. Our service under HR & Payroll Services includes but is not limited to Recruitment, Manpower planning, Temporary staff, Payroll services, Drafting of agreements, Advisory on various employment policies, Psychometric testing, Employee engagement, Learning & Development, Performance Management System, Succession planning, etc. We also advise our clients in the area of laws related to employment that may affect any company and its employees.

JAPAN Domestic Human Resource Management Service

Trademark Registration

JAPAN Trademark Registration
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