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Import and Export License Application

RADAR Application

RADAR Application

The approval and preparation process in Brazil is as responsible as in other countries when applying for import and export licenses or import and export rights. The application for the Brazilian Import and Export License (RADAR) includes both pre-approval and post-approval. Before registration, if the business scope is confirmed to contain the import and export of dangerous goods, such as chemicals, large machinery, and other products, the registered address and address contract shall be pre-approved by the municipal council where the registered address is located.

After the registration is completed, pay attention to the following points before applying for RADAR:

1. To ensure that the required import and export products must be in the list of National Classification of Economic Activities (CNAE);

2. For some companies, import and export must be included in the name of the company;

3. The registered capital must meet the requirements;

4. Brazil's tax system is acknowledged to be complex, please ensure the company's tax and service compliance;

5. Companies that have written Import and export into their charter must apply for RADAR.

Conditions for application:

1) Complete the bank account

2) The registered capital must be in the above amount of USD 50,000 or USD 150,000 equivalent in Brazilian Reais

3) Paid-in registered capital, and get the RDE-IED (Electronic Declaratory Registration-Foreign Direct Investment) certificate

4) Companies must select Electronic Tax Address (DTE) on the E-CAC portal

5) The legal representative must have an E-tax number

6) The registered capital must be reflected in the articles of association

7) The signatory must be reflected in the constitution

8) Tax services must be in compliance.

Types of RADAR

Types of RADAR

1. Small and micro enterprises: 50,00USD import quota every 6 months, no export quota limit;

2. For small and medium-sized enterprises: 50,00USD import quota every 6 months, no export quota restriction;

3. Limited type: 150000USD import quota every 6 months, no export quota limit;

4. Unlimited type: import quota of more than 150000USD every 6 months, no export quota limit.

The Validity period of RADAR:

The first application for an import license is valid for 6 months; If updated, it is valid for 12 months from the last import/export date.