HR & Payroll Services

HR & Payroll Services

Introduction To Jilian HR & Payroll Services

Jilian Consultants pvt Ltd provides domestic and cross-border corporate consulting services in the field incorporation, factory setup, accounting & auditing, tax planning, enterprise architecture, legal services, company secretarial, due diligence and trade mark registration. Recently, we have marked our footprints in the area of Human Resource (HR) planning. Our partnership under HR & Payroll Services includes but not limited to Recruitment, Manpower planning, Temporary staff, Payroll services, Drafting of agreements, Advisory on various employment policies, Psychometric testing, Employee engagement, Learning & Development, Performance Management System, Succession planning etc. We also advise are clients in the area of laws related to employment that may affect any company and its employees.

Jilian Consultants HR planning serves as business partner to their clients to serve their need to people. Since people is the core of any organization, diligently dealing should be utmost priority. Jilian consultants’ team is equipped and comes with the experience to take the lead in your endeavour to provide your employees state of art working experience in your organization. We have consulting experience to over 200 companies in India and abroad and our partnership goes beyond just advisory to partnership.

Jilian Services Under This Umbrella Includes:

1. Recruitment
2. Payroll management
3. Employee background verification
4. Tailor made policies
5. ESIC and EPF
6. Employee engagement
7. Formulation of Job Description
8. Employment letter drafting
9. Employee orientation and induction
10. Compensation and benefits
11. Visa application services
12. Employee handbook

Benefits of Jilian HR Services:

1. Increase in overall organisational efficiency
2. Access to enhanced HRIS system
3. Outsourcing is cost efficient as compare to having own team
4. Standardize solution from HR experts
5. On time support and flexibility
6. Reduce the burden of HR and carry out other business operations

HR Services

Financial statement of any company can tell its reader the financial health of any company. This includes Profit and loss statement, Balance sheet and Cash position of the company at a given date. While balance sheet provides a view on all assets and liabilities of the company, it certainly misses to evaluate one of the most important asset, without which or with the lack of efficiency in this assets, no financial statement of any company can cheer its investors, no shareholder value can be created and no happy customers. Yes, we are talking about Human assets – The Manpower of the company.

Like any other asset, this asset too requires continuous investment. Investment in the area of training & development, engagement, reward, performance appraisal etc. Above all, a periodical payment to their expertise, time and effort that they render to achieve the goal of your company. While leadership and management is tasked to maximize the value of shareholders by exceeding targets, we often miss or pay less attention to human assets as a result we lose are great talent and continue incurring higher recruitment cost.

In order, to avoid your recruitment cost and to serve your employees, Jilian India is offering its services to you to take care of your human assets – HR & Payroll services.