HR Outsourcing Services

A Human Resource or Human Capital – an asset to Organisations and its success is largely depends on constructive and creative endowments from Human Resource.

What JILIAN can do for you

At JILIAN, we are committed to helping organisations ranging from start-up to Fortune 500 companies with their HR needs while providing following services:

  • Evaluation of Organization’s HR needs
  • Payroll Outsourcing
  • HR Technology
  • Performance Management System
  • Acquisition of talent
  • Recruitment, Training, induction and Development
  • HR Policy framework & implementation
  • Recruitment solutions/ Staffing Solution
  • Professional Employer Organisation (PEO) or Third Party pay roll services
  • Regulatory compliance 
HR Outsourcing Service

Briskly changing market vitals and global competitive pressures have caused organizations to spend more time focusing on their core business. So organizations tend to decide and do what they are good at and outsource everything else, thus it is to be said that HR Outsourcing has become like a strategic business function and is now look on as strategic business partner aligned with organizations vision and strategy. In simple terms, Outsourcing is a force behind the virtual organisation movement and is simply means to obtaining work previously done by employees inside the Company from sources outside the Company.

Human Resource Outsourcing is one such area, which includes outsourcing of administrative and transactional activities such as payroll, benefits, education/training, recruiting personnel and administration, basically those activities are non-core, enabling HR staff to focus on primary activities .

The organization gets benefitted in the form of excellent quality, reliable supply, latest technology, rock bottom price, an access to best practices and faster turnaround are the other benefits to name a few. It can also focus exclusively on doing what it is good at – thereby enhancing its own competitive advantage.

Perks of HR Outsourcing Services:

  • Cost-Effective services – easily avoid overhead costs and office space cost
  • Risk Management – HR outsourcing firms keep updated with changing laws, latest technologies  and business methodologies helps  reducing business risk
  • Increases efficiency – more time to focus on core activities results is more profit
  • Governance of Employee performance and Organisational development
  • Flexibility – smooth functioning by having an access to vast talent pools, multiple tasks at the same time.

Why Jilian? Because we can help you get there

Every business knows that in order to bootstrap, you have to have a strong under structure. That’s where we come in. JILIAN CONSULTANTS INDIA PVT LTD is a veteran HR outsourcing company that embrace the needs of each organization with a different prospective while considering factors like size, scope of operation, challenges and future plans.

From our far-reaching HR outsourcing services to our easy-to-use, blended technology and unparalleled customer service, we give your business, tailored HR solutions to help you grow successfully.

We have started providing the HR outsourcing services in 2017, and have unfolded into one of the most reliable HR outsourcing company in India with a team of trusted experts. We provide service across major cities of India including Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, Chennai, Bangalore and Mumbai.