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How To Register A Company In China?

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Company Registration in China

Registration of a company in China can be a great decision but the first question which comes to our mind is how to register a company in China. Doing startup in China is a leading way to enter an enlarged market, which is propelled by sheer manufacturing, stable central government, and world-wide reach. Businesses and manufacturing play a great part in the growth of his nation’s economy as a global manufacturing whale. China has upgraded its economy via transforming from being an agricultural nation to supreme manufacturing nation.

The noble opportunities which are turning up across the broad range of industries, and market sectors in China, are conceding an excellent opportunity for the investors and business owners  who are willing to start their business operations in China.

Why register a company in China?

By starting a business or a company in China, you can grip various benefits which China offers, this complemented by the future planning of the China Central Government which transfigures China to focus on developing key business factors along with the allied business services.

Registration of a company in China can be beneficial because China is ambitious on opening up its markets for business people, investors and prime movers through reforms by the Chinese Central Government to authorize foreign business operations in the country with all the support.

If you are willing to expand your company and business, you must opt to register a company in China. You can go for company incorporation in China or you can ask a consultancy to do that for you. Charter an expert consultancy for business setup and company registration in China so that you can focus on expanding your business and services. Jilian Consultants India can do all the necessary processes like acquiring permits, apply for the licenses and deliver you the complete setup for your business in China.

Licenses and Permits for Business Registration in China

Most of the activities in China are subject to special permits and licenses as per the requirement of the business. In the retail and manufacturing sector, administrative licenses are mandatory. If you are enthusiastic or prepared to open a company in the import and export sector you must apply for the special licenses and permits in this manner.

Types of Companies Registration in China

  1. WFOEs – Known among the most popular business establishments for foreign investors.

  2. Joint Venture Companies

  3. Partnerships

  4. Representative Offices

  5. Private Enterprises

  6. Sole Proprietorships

Procedure To Register a Company in China

Being the largest economic player and manufacturer in the world, China attracts big sharks of the entrepreneur world and large investors to invest in their nation. But it is not easy when you get to know about the procedure of registration of a company in China. The steps of the process are as follows:

  1. Name check with business bureau

  2. Application to commerce bureau

  3. Application to business bureau

  4. Business license to be issued

  5. Authorization stamps to be issued by the police

  6. Open bank account

  7. Tax registration

  8. Registration for import/export license through the custom bureau

Jilian Consultants India is a well-known brand within the Chinese legislation, company registration, acquiring permits and licenses for all types of businesses and industries. We can help you with the assistance via analyzing the scope of business operations, recent economic scenario, location as per the line of business, permits and licenses.