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How to Handle the International Company Registration?

Ⅰ. How to do the international company registration?

It is very difficult to register a company in the mainland with the word "international". It requires the State Council to decide to establish an enterprise. Ordinary enterprises cannot be registered.

However, if your company is called "XXX International Trade Co., Ltd.", similar to this special company with the word "international" does not need the approval of the State Council.

Generally, if you want your company name to have the word "international", you can choose to register a Hong Kong company. Hong Kong companies are very free to name. The Hong Kong Special Administrative Region government allows the company name to contain international, group, holding, industry, investment, colleges, Associations, foundations, research institutes, etc.

International company registration: Hong Kong companies can be handled by a professional acting secretary company. You only need to send the relevant registration information and the electronic version of the personal data of directors and shareholders to the acting secretary company. The remaining registration process will be completed by the acting secretary company for you. Jilian Consultants can provide you the professional international company registration service for you, and we also can help you in overseas company reorganization and overseas company compliance services.

Ⅱ. International company registration: the documents and information required to register a Hong Kong company are as follows:

1. The name of a Hong Kong company cannot be the same as the name of another registered company, or the name of an authoritative organization such as a government, charity, or bank.

Hong Kong company names are mainly English names, and others are almost unlimited. English company names only need to end with "LIMITED ". If you need to add a Chinese company name, the Chinese company name must end with "limited company".

2. Business Scope of Hong Kong Companies. The Hong Kong Companies Management Ordinance does not stipulate that the business scope of Hong Kong offshore companies must be specified. Therefore, an international company can engage in most businesses (except for businesses that require special licenses such as banking, insurance, and real estate).

Although Hong Kong has few restrictions on the company's business scope, it has certain requirements for the number of words: 28 Chinese characters, or 60 English characters, all contain punctuation.

3. Directors and shareholders of a Hong Kong company may only register a Hong Kong company with no nationality, but must be at least 18 years of age.

4. Registered Capital of Hong Kong Companies The registered capital of Hong Kong companies does not need to be actually received or verified. Therefore, HK $10,000 is usually specified by default.

5. The registered address of a Hong Kong company (which can be provided by an agent) The registered address of a Hong Kong company must be a real and valid address in Hong Kong, because the address will receive notification letters from the Hong Kong government and banks later.

6. The legal secretary of a Hong Kong company (which can be provided by an agent company) must have a legal secretary responsible for conveying the notice of the Hong Kong SAR government. The legal secretary will not hold shares in your company or affect the operation of your Hong Kong company.