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How to Form a US Company?

Ⅰ. US company registration process and fees

Registering a US company is a headache for many companies. Some have no professional lawyers, and some have not found a good registered company to assist. So what is the US company registration process like? How much cost and time will it take?

Ⅱ. US company registration process

1. Submit a copy of the passport/ID card of one shareholder or two or more shareholders;

2. Sign the agreement document;

3. Deliver 70% deposit;

4. The association goes through the formalities in various departments;

5. Fax or scan the registered documents;

6. Make up the balance;

7. Return the original materials.

Ⅲ. US company registration notes

1. Three US company names (in English) are proposed to be registered. If there are no duplicate names, they can be used;

2. The business scope of the US company;

3. Provide the names of directors and shareholders, copies of passports, and contact numbers/faxes;

4. Provide at least one director and one shareholder distribution ratio;

5. Indicate the percentage of shares held by each shareholder ( % ).

The total cost of registering a US company (including the cost of the government registration certificate, materials, company seal, courier and professional registration services);

Ⅳ. US company registration documents

1. Certificate of Incorporation (CI) issued by the Secretary of State;

2. Company organization outline and articles of association;

3. One US company steel seal and one Yuanzi seal each;

4. Company stock;

5. Minutes of the first board of directors;

6. Exquisite file box.

After successfully registering a US company, it can be found on the website.

Ⅴ. Register a US company to obtain information

1. The company charter issued by the US company government;

2. U.S. company formation regulations;

3. U.S. company constitution regulations;

4. U.S. company stock;

5. US company seal;

6. U.S. company resolution forms.

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