Financial Services

Financial Services

Financial Services plays a vital role when it comes to managing business, its confidence and profitability and act like a back bone for infusing money in any organisation. It helps an organisation to make the most out of business opportunities.

Jilian posses the team of experienced industry experts and multi-disciplinary professionals who imparts advisory/ consultancy in variety of financial services to valuable clients that includes Companies, financial institutions, banks, governments agencies and individuals.

What we offer :

  • Financial Due Diligence
  • Mergers & Acquisition Advisory
  • Valuation services
  • Real estate consulting
  • Tax Planning/ Taxation consulting
  • Audit –
    • Concurrent Audit,
    • Internal Audit,
    • Tax Audit,
    • Secretarial Audit,
    • Statutory Audit,
    • Audit of hypothecated securities,
    • GST Audit
    • Transfer Pricing Audit
  • preparation of financial models
  • Corporate financial advisory
  • Risk analysis and Management consulting
  • Capital Restructuring
  • Portfolio Management
  • Transfer Pricing consulting
  • Book Keeping
  • GST/TDS returns
  • Advisory in Customs

Few of our major services are explained below:

  • Financial Due Diligence : It involves analysis of a business by investigating its audited financials, position of exiting assets & liabilities, projection of future profits or losses, access probable risk which helps potential investor to take right decision while breaking the deal.

Currently, Jilian is actively participating in financial Due Diligence of NBFCs before carrying out the buying and selling of NBFCs

  • Mergers & Acquisition Advisory (M&A) : In simple words, this involves disposal, acquisition or merger of businesses. Our role is to –
    • Identify the potential investor and target company
    • Due Diligence of target company
    • Preparation of M&A documents from starting to end while keeping due care of applicable laws and regulations.
    • Implementation of proper structure and strategy
    • Smooth Coordination with potential investor and target company throughout the transaction.
  • Valuation services : Valuation is required at various levels in business industry like business valuation while selling or buying companies or in M&A, Asset valuation while mortgaging securities with financial institution/ banks, Tax valuation etc.

Jilian has its specialisation in business valuations which includes

  • Purchase and sale of business
  • Financial statements, tangible or intangible assets
  • Transaction advisory
  • Tax Planning/ Taxation consulting : Minimising the tax paid or to be paid.

Jilian has a team of tax professionals who are equipped enough to plan the tax payments in such way so as to avoid the tax payment by complying with the provision of law but defeating the intension of the law as well. We can serve both foreign & domestic entities and also individuals while opting only legal tax practices. 

Tax for Individual – determining tax liability, filing tax-returns, tax-savings advisory etc

Tax for Business – determining tax liability, transfer pricing analysis and structuring, tax planning in M&A, GST registrations, tax compliance advisory

  • Audit– There are organisations including corporations, firms and LLP who have an obligation to undergo an audit as a statutory requirement under applicable laws.

Jillian is capable of conducting following Audits within ambit of applicable laws and regulations

  • Concurrent Audit,
  • Internal Audit,
  • Tax Audit/Service Tax Audit
  • secretarial Audit,
  • Statutory Audit,
  • GST Audit
  • Audit of hypothecated securities (in case of security hypothecated with banks on availing loan)
  • Transfer pricing consulting: Transfer pricing is a price of transaction between related entities.

Jilian has a dedicated team of experts who will ensure the following while providing Transfer Pricing services:

  • Transfer pricing documentation requirement both at domestic and international stage
  • Choosing best suited method of Transfer pricing
  • Conducting Transfer Pricing Audit.
  • Tax implications while transacting (taking advantage of double taxation relief in inter country transactions)
  • Representing before Tax authorities in Transfer pricing disputes
  • Formation and Implementation of customised Transfer Pricing policies
  • Compliance of Transfer Pricing guidelines under applicable laws & regulations
  • Book Keeping: it is a process involves recording of financial services transaction of a business.

Jilian is one of the leading market players when it comes to book keeping services and we possess the latest technology while handling the following tasks-

  • Day to Day bookkeeping
  • Accounting solutions
  • Accounts payable management
  • Accounts receivable management
  • Budgeting and future planning
  • Prepare financial statements
  • Reconciliation of banks accounts/firm accounts
  • Advisory in Customs: stringent trade rules in India have paralysed the working style of organisations.

Jilian has a strong inter-states/ inter-countries network enabling us to serve our clients the following custom services-

  • Advisory on Custom clearances
  • Import/ Export advisory services
  • IEC (Import Export Code) generation

Advisory on Compliances under Customs Act, 1962

Financial Services in India

Statutory Requirements:

Statutory Audit –

Statutory Audit is compulsory audit for all entities registered as Company under Companies Act, as a Private Limited or a Public Limited company; they have to get their accounts audited every year.

Tax Audit –

Tax Audit is regulated by section 44AB of Income Tax Act which states that if the turnover of any enterprise (Individual. Company or firm) is more than 1 Crore in a year, and in case of professionals if the value of services is more than Rs. 50 lacs then they have to get their books of accounts audited by a Chartered Accountant.

GST Audit –

GST Audit is regulated by Goods and Service Act which states that any entity, whose turnover is more than Rs. 2 crores in a financial year, has to get its books of accounts audited by a Chartered Accountant.

Internal Audit –

Internal Audit is governed by section138 of Companies Act, 2013 read with Rule 13 of Companies (Accounts) Rules, 2013, which states the Internal Audit is compulsory for:

  • Every Listed Company
  • Every Unlisted public Company  having
    • paid up share capital of 50 crore rupees or more during the preceding financial year; or
    • turnover(income) of 200 crore rupees or more during the preceding financial year; or
    • outstanding loans or borrowings from banks or public financial institutions exceeding one hundred crore rupees or more at any point of time during the preceding financial year; or
    • outstanding deposits of twenty five crore rupees or more at any point of time during the preceding financial year; and
  • Every Private Company having
    • turnover of 200 crore rupees or more during the preceding financial year; or
    • outstanding loans or borrowings from banks or public financial institutions exceeding 100 crore rupees or more at any point of time during the preceding financial year:

Transfer Pricing Audit –

Transfer Pricing Audit is governed by Section 92E of Income Tax Act, 1961.

Transfer Audit is mandatory in case, any individual, firms or Companies, take up the following transactions during the financial year:

  • International transaction
  • Transaction with an Associated Enterprise.