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Do You Know Why is the International Trademark Registration Necessary?

Although the content of trademark laws is different, they all provide legal protection for the ownership of registered trademarks. In the past, managers of many Chinese enterprises had insufficient understanding of the significance of trademark exclusive rights and lacked awareness of trademark exclusive rights protection. Some people think that it is very troublesome to apply for trademark registration, so they do not want to know about it.

The result of ignoring international trademark registration is that some famous brand trademarks and traditional trademarks that have been established in China after decades or even hundreds of years are preemptively registered or counterfeited by foreign businessmen, and they are easily occupied.

1. International trademark registration "can prevent preemptive registration"

For example, the "Torch brand" lighters produced in China that have been sold in the UK have their trademarks registered in the UK first by Swiss businessmen, and the Chinese "Torch brand" lighters were forced to withdraw from the UK market.

China's Shanghai "Ballet Brand" Pearl Cream has a good reputation internationally, but it was not registered in the country and region where it was sold in time. As a result, it was preemptively registered by foreign investors in Hong Kong, Indonesia, Singapore and other places; in order to protect the exclusive right of the trademark, instead It had to spend more than 200,000 US dollars to buy back the exclusive right to this trademark from a foreign businessman.

2. International trademark registration "can also lay the foundation for creating a famous brand"

China's Shanghai "Hero Brand" gold pen is very popular with Japanese consumers, but its trademark was registered in Japan first by Japanese businessmen, thus requiring China to pay him a 5% commission based on the sales volume of the "Hero Brand" gold pen in Japan, causing China Distributors in Japan stopped selling because they were unprofitable and paid a huge price for it.

Therefore, the registration of trademarks abroad is not an optional problem. All manufacturers who want to enter their products into the international market should register their trademarks abroad as soon as possible, so that their products will not be crowded out in the country where they are sold, and the sales market will not be preempted by others.

3. International trademark registration may also "realize the self-protection of enterprises"

International trademark registration is to obtain the exclusive right to use the trademark in the country where the goods are sold. Once the trademark is registered, others cannot register or use the same or similar trademark on the same or similar goods, thus preventing infringement of the legitimate rights and interests of Chinese enterprises in the country of sale, and winning the market.

At the same time, after the trademark of the export commodity is registered in the country of sale, a lawsuit can be filed in the event of a trademark dispute, which will be protected by the laws of that country and won.

For example, China's "Butterfly" brand sewing machine is an important commodity exported to Southeast Asia and Hong Kong. Since China Import and Export Corporation has applied for registration in time at the place of sale, it has filed a lawsuit against the counterfeiter to the local court, and the court ordered the counterfeiter to publish an apology. This safeguards the rights and interests of Chinese products in the region and occupies the market. Jilian consultants china can provide more knowledge about international trademark, click to view more.