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Jilian Consultants Co., Ltd.
Jilian Consultants

Jilian Consultants Co., Ltd. focuses on cross-border corporate consulting services. After years of development, it has grown into a one-stop integrated service group, providing five main services cross-border company registration factory establishment, financial license application, tax planning, and legal advisory. Jilian Consultants Co., Ltd. is a leading cross-border corporate consulting platform in terms of scale, industry chain coverage, and comprehensive strength.

The scope of our business has covered 106 countries and regions around the world, and we have established our own offices in more than ten countries including India, Vietnam, Japan, Mexico, Indonesia, etc, achieving cross-border business 24/7hrs instant response.

Jilian Consultants History


  • 2022-Future

    Set up a global headquarters, start group operations, and complete the business layout in 116 countries and regions。In the future, wherever there are Chinese companies, there will be Jilian offices

  • 2021

    Branch offices in Mexico and Vietnam have be established, and won the title of "Trust Award for Chinese Overseas Enterprises"

  • 2020

    Jilian branches in Beijing, Singapore, and Indonesia have been established successively, and have been awarded the governing unit of Shenzhen Service Trade Association. They have launched international online courses to create a professional, efficient and convenient knowledge platform

  • 2017-2019

    To accelerate the pace of globalization, Jilian India Branch was established in 2017;and 2019,The Shenzhen branch was established. The Indian business developed rapidly and took the lead in the industry. The NCT India Investment Exchange Conference was successfully held

  • 2016

    During the initial three years, Jilian Consultants had been growing rapidly and serving more than 160 companies covering more than 50 countries.

  • 2014

    Jilian Consultants was founded in Shanghai in 2014. 

Future Prospects

In the future, Jilian Consultants strives not only for faster but also quality services for our clients. Currently, we are planning to set up companies in more countries to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of communication. We are always committed to creating an "extraordinary, Professional, Practical, Efficient Responsible and Progressive" corporate service platform.

Jilian Consultants Group
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Team Elite

  • Founder and President of Jilian Consultants Vice President of Jilian Consultants
    Aliena Wan
    Founder and President of Jilian Consultants Vice President of Jilian Consultants

    Certified M&A Deal-maker by China Mergers and Acquisition Association (CMAA)

    Senior financing expert

    Nearly 10 years' experience of foreign Investments

  • Responsible person of Jilian Construction(China)
    Ken Guo
    Responsible person of Jilian Construction(China)

    ·Senior project management expert with 12 years of experience in civil engineering and installation project management 

    ·Worked for a listed company as a project manager and project director

  • General Manager of Jilian Bejing Consultants
    Jasmine Du
    General Manager of Jilian Bejing Consultants

    Senior consulting manager of Jilian Consultants

    Six years of overseas project experience

    Multinational enterprise acquisition project leader

  • Responsible person of JilianGroup (Indonesia)
    Aldo Gao
    Responsible person of JilianGroup (Indonesia)

    ·Master of International Tax Law, Senior Tax Law Specialist 

    ·Worked for a leading international consulting firm in the sectors of Retail distribution, manufacturing, and supply chain. 

    ·Expertise in tax law, compliance management and investment analysis

  • General Manager of Jilian Consultants (Mexico)
    Ruben Mendoza
    General Manager of Jilian Consultants (Mexico)

    Major studies in Law, International Business, International Environmental Law and Sustainability.

    20years experience in International Business, International Commerce, Free TradeRegulations, Project Managin.

    Marketing research and Development Projein Mexico and abroad.

  • General Manager of Jilian Consultants (Japan)
    高橋 弘樹
    General Manager of Jilian Consultants (Japan)

    Japanese immigration investment expert tax accountant, Judicial lawyer.

    Engaged in interoperability services between Chinese and Japanese enterprises for more than ten years.

  • General Manager of Jilian Group (Vietnam)
    Aaron Yeung
    General Manager of Jilian Group (Vietnam)

    ·Senior Investment expert in Vietnam 

    ·15 years working experience in overseas market and investment

    ·Focus on investment research of Chinese enterprises in Vietnam and assists Chinese enterprises to set up companies in Vietnam

  • Responsible person of JilianGroup (Poland)
    Responsible person of JilianGroup (Poland)

    ·Mechanical automation major, 10 years' experience in overseas project site management

    ·Electrical engineering and equipment installation and commissioning in Russia, Sweden and Mexico

    ·Engineering Project Compliance Management Specialist

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