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Classification of Overseas Financial License Applications

Generally speaking, overseas financial license applications are divided into two categories: digital currency licenses and foreign exchange licenses. The specific regulation of licenses in each country is also different. How to choose when applying for a license? Let us take you to understand the general situation.

Today, let's talk about blockchain licenses, representative ones are the US msb license, Canada msb license, Estonian digital currency license, Australia AUSTRAC, Singapore MSA, Switzerland VQF, Malaysia Labuan license, etc. If you want to know about the digital currency licenses of other countries, you can discuss with us in depth.

1. What are the most cost-effective overseas financial licenses for digital currency licenses?

American msb, Canadian msb, and Australian AUSTRAC, these three can be applied for completely offshore, and there is no other fee for the post-processing of the annual review, so they are the most cost-effective licenses, and you can enter with your eyes closed. Several types of licenses necessary for well-known domestic exchanges.

2. Handling of overseas financial licenses

Register a local company first, and then apply for a license in the name of the company. These types of licenses are application-based, and the success rate is basically 100%.

The Singapore MAS license needs to be operated onshore, and the office and office personnel are strictly required, so the maintenance cost in the later period is still very high. A certain level of strength is required to apply.

Labuan licenses in Estonia, Switzerland and Malaysia can be selected offshore or onshore. Offshore operations can rent office addresses and hire personnel as required. The cost will be much lower than onshore operations, reducing later maintenance costs, and applying easier to pass.

Before applying for a license, it is necessary to review the company's business plan. After the review, prepare the office and employees as required, and then apply for an overseas financial license. This type of application is an application system, and there is a greater risk of failure.

In addition to the above-mentioned licenses, there are many others. The application requirements and supervision are different. You can choose a suitable tailor-made application plan according to your budget and requirements.

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