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BRAZIL Company Registration
BRAZIL Company Registration

Introduction to Brazil

With a total land area of 8,514,900 square kilometers, Brazil is the largest country in South America and the fifth-largest country in the world, with a total population of 210 million (2020). Brazil is a member of the Rio Group, the Mercosur, the South American Progress Forum, and the G20. It is also called the ABC country along with Argentina and Chile. Brazil is one of the BRIC countries with abundant natural resources and a complete industrial base. Its GDP ranks first in South America and is the seventh-largest economy in the world. Football is the mainstream sport of Brazilian cultural life, so Brazil enjoys the reputation of "Football Kingdom".

Requirements of Brazil Company Registration

Requirements of Brazil Company Registration

  • ≥1(Natural person or company)
  • ≥1
  • No nationality restriction
    Local shareholder/director
  • Local Legal Representative
  • R$1
    Minimum Registered Capital
  • /
    Chinese Yuan
  • Yes, e.g.import and export license application
    Paid in/Subscribed
  • Actual place of registration
    Registered address
  • 4-6 months
    Registration Completion Time

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