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BAHRAIN Company Registration
BAHRAIN Company Registration

Introduction to Bahrain

Bahrain island country in the Persian Gulf.

The island state is situated east of Saudi Arabia and north of Qatar. The archipelago consists of the main island Al Bahrayn and some smaller islands and islets. The King Fahd Causeway, a series of bridges and causeways, connects Bahrain with the Arabian Peninsula. The kingdom shares maritime borders with Iran, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia.

Located in one of the world’s chief oil-producing regions, Bahrain itself has only small stores of petroleum. Instead, its economy has long relied on processing crude oil from neighboring countries, and more recently the financial, commercial services, and communications sectors have grown markedly, as has tourism. The country’s chief city, port, and capital, Manama (Al-Manāmah), is located on the northeastern tip of Bahrain Island. In Asian countries, besides BAHRAIN, we also provide services in other countries, such as AZERBAIJAN overseas company registration  and BRUNEI international registered company.

Requirements of Bahrain Company Registration

Requirements of Bahrain Company Registration

  • ≥1
  • ≥1
  • No nationality restrictions
    Local shareholder
  • The registered capital shall be paid in full
    Minimum registered capital
  • 8500
    Chinese Yuan
  • Paid-in

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Jilian Consultants provides domestic Human Resource (HR) planning. Our service under HR & Payroll Services includes but is not limited to Recruitment, Manpower planning, Temporary staff, Payroll services, Drafting of agreements, Advisory on various employment policies, Psychometric testing, Employee engagement, Learning & Development, Performance Management System, Succession planning, etc. We also advise our clients in the area of laws related to employment that may affect any company and its employees.

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BAHRAIN Trademark Registration
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