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ALGERIA Company Registration
ALGERIA Company Registration

Introduction to Algeria

Algeria, large, predominantly Muslim country of North Africa. From the Mediterranean coast, along which most of its people live, Algeria extends southward deep into the heart of the Sahara, a forbidding desert where Earth’s hottest surface temperatures have been recorded and which constitutes more than four-fifths of the country’s area.

Algeria's economy is the fourth-largest in Africa, behind South Africa, Nigeria, and Egypt. Oil and gas are the backbones of the economy. Algeria has the world's fifth-largest natural gas reserves and is the world's second-largest gas exporter. It has the 15th largest oil reserves in the world. In African countries, besides Algeria, we also provide services in other countries, such as CAMEROON international business registration and EGYPT (SOLE CORPORATION)overseas company registration.

Requirements of Algeria Company Registration

Requirements of Algeria Company Registration

  • ≥2
  • ≥2
  • A local
    Local shreholder
  • 1000USD
    Minimum Registered Capital
  • Paid in
    Paid in
  • Actual place of registration
    Registered address
  • 6400
    Chinese Yuan

HR Services

Jilian Consultants provides domestic Human Resource (HR) planning. Our service under HR & Payroll Services includes but is not limited to Recruitment, Manpower planning, Temporary staff, Payroll services, Drafting of agreements, Advisory on various employment policies, Psychometric testing, Employee engagement, Learning & Development, Performance Management System, Succession planning, etc. We also advise our clients in the area of laws related to employment that may affect any company and its employees.

ALGERIA Domestic Human Resource Management Service

Trademark Registration

ALGERIA Trademark Registration
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